CAD Features that Enable Real-Time Collaboration

Today, many engineering teams have settled for inefficient and frustrating collaboration with legacy technology. 

From novel-length notes via email, to unclear 2D drawings, “collaboration” in product design has long meant using outdated technology to share edits and feedback. Many simply don’t realize that there is now a better way. 

Onshape enables true, real-time CAD collaboration, allowing multiple engineers to simultaneously work on the same 3D model from anywhere. Whenever one team member makes a design change, everyone else on the team can instantly see it. Simultaneous access, viewing, and editing allow designers and engineers to work in parallel and consider more alternative perspectives. Users can now ask and answer questions, share feedback and resolve issues in real-time for improved designs. Simultaneous collaboration eliminates the delays, waiting, and misunderstandings that can arise while using file-based CAD. Users no longer need to send copies of files or exchange lengthy emails back and forth, instead of working together instantly on one single source of truth.

While companies always rely on the talent of their designers, engineers, and executives to create innovative products, the new normal of remote work has introduced additional barriers to effective collaboration and teamwork. Only Onshape addresses the reality of a remote workforce with “anywhere, anytime” CAD access from any computer or mobile device (iOS or Android). But regardless of where they are physically working, it is essential for designers and engineers to be able to communicate seamlessly with one another to share new ideas, iterate and refine those ideas in real-time. Onshape’s unique cloud database architecture has enabled the creation of a brand new class of CAD collaboration features that just weren’t possible in old file-based CAD systems.


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