“The Better way to Educate yourself”

Onshape is a professional-grade, cloud-native CAD platform that students and educators can access for FREE on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Millions of students and educators worldwide use Onshape’s online CAD platform to learn engineering design in the classroom

Onshape for education brings CAD out of the computer lab and into the modern era.

“The biggest value in earning an Onshape certification is that it is something you can show the world that says, ‘I have taken the effort to learn something in such a way that it’s recognized by the owner of the product that I’m good at.’ Juniors and seniors get the most value out of certification because they can put it on their college applications and demonstrate they put in the effort to develop new skills.”

As for college students, proving proficiency in Onshape can be an advantage when searching for engineering internships.

When computer-aided design (CAD) entered the engineering scene, educators worried design would become too individual and too solitary. They worried students would focus on only the computer screen, filtering out ideas from peers and relying solely on what the computer says. 

The separation of “hard” and “soft” skills in education. Source: Alison Olechowski


Cloud-Based Onshape Boosts Student Collaboration

CAD portability and accessibility aside, the teacher stresses that a more impactful reason he prefers Onshape is its real-time collaboration tools. Multiple students can be working together simultaneously on the same CAD model online, a workflow that is not possible with traditional installed file-based CAD systems. Whenever an Onshape user makes a design change, everyone else on the team, including the teacher, can instantly see it.

The Power of Onshape Analytics

With Onshape, teachers can see how students are actually collaborating with each other as well as how they’re interacting with the platform.

CAD as a Powerful Teaching Tool

When writing curriculum, it is important to keep your students front and center, and the differences that each of them embodies. Regardless of where you live or what grade level you teach, a class of 30 students is 30 unique individuals. I find it helpful to consider these differences in terms of three categories: background, interest and readiness level.

CAD Software for Schools

The real breakthrough came when I found Onshape, the only truly cloud-native CAD platform. With Onshape, my students and their creativity were not bound to the computer lab or even by the school walls. They could take their school-issued Chromebooks on the bus or to their house and continue working and designing. With Onshape, my students’ creativity was truly unbound.

This advantage was only emphasized during the COVID-19 pandemic. Across all sectors of society, the pandemic often magnified and exacerbated existing inequality. During two years of remote learning, many students without resources and support fell behind in their studies. My own students lamented the difficulty of staying on top of their math and history lessons over Zoom. I felt lucky that Onshape enabled me to pivot relatively seamlessly.

Activity Overview

The Activity Overview dashboard presents a high level view of your company’s design activities. See the total number of hours spent on each project per day and per user, which engineers are actively working on which projects, how many release candidates are pending approval and which Documents have been worked on the most. Drill down into each table and chart to get more detailed reports.

Release Dashboard

The Release Dashboard lists all the Parts, Assemblies, Drawings and other project-related data that have been submitted for approval. The details of each release candidate, including the actual design data itself, can be interrogated to see which project it belongs to, who submitted it, whether it has been approved or rejected, or how long it has been in a pending state and who the approval is waiting for. This helps you to review and reduce bottlenecks in your approval process.

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard details metrics such as modeling time for an entire project, most active users and most edited Documents. Check permissions and role assignments to see which users have access to your data and what they can do with it. Feature Activity indicates progress within a project. The Project Dashboard enables you to be proactive in your project management tasks, identify problems early and resolve them before they escalate.

User Dashboard

The User Dashboard details all activity associated with a particular user including external contractors and suppliers. This report details which projects and Documents a user is working on and which design activities are taking up most of their time. Balancing projects and meeting deadlines is easier when resource allocation can be reviewed and managed for all design teams.

Document Access

View overall Document access and activity information for security reviews and audit purposes. Detailed graphs display color-coded nodes for each Project, Document, and User and how they are connected. Clicking a node or a connection line filters the information to show modeling times and access permissions, making this an ideal way to quickly navigate your engineering data.

Easy Access to Data

The analytics in Onshape is not an add-on or a separate system, it’s all part of the same product development platform. Each report is driven by a unique URL that can be bookmarked in your web browser for quick access. Onshape reports and analytics are also available via the Onshape mobile app too, so you can access this data from anywhere at any time.


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