Designed as a product development platform, Onshape is easily expanded to meet your business and engineering needs. New partners and integrations are being continuously added.
Onshape Integration for SAP PLM

Onshape App Store

Extend the power of Onshape with ERP, PLM, Simulation and CAM add-ons available in the Onshape App Store and configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for centralized user authentication. With Onshape integrated cloud partner apps there is zero install or download, a unified purchase mechanism, unified license mechanism and a single sign-on. Apps feature monthly, annual and pay-per-use business models. Apps leverage the power of the Onshape platform with versioning and fully associative geometry.

Onshape API

Develop your own Onshape integrations via a robust, well-documented REST API. Fully featured and supported, the Onshape API connects your modeling data to your enterprise PLM systems and enables automation and further customization.