How Safe is Your CAD Data?

Why Onshape Better Protects Your Intellectual Property from Hackers & Accidental Leaks

Nearly every day, there’s another horror story in the news about millions of credit card numbers or other personal information being stolen. However, theft or loss of intellectual property – a company’s valuable design data – doesn’t always make the headlines.

Onshape’s multi-layer approach to CAD security includes:

  • Password Protected Access
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Data Backup Procedures
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Communications Security
  • Encryption
  • Third-Party Security Testing
  • Additional Security Measures by Amazon Web Services

While no security system – on or offline – can guarantee total impenetrability, Onshape’s many levels of safeguards are likely a sharp improvement over how you are protecting your CAD files now.

Onshape was created specifically to address the shortcomings of file-based CAD and PDM systems. The use of modern computing technologies provides visibility into all phases of the design process. Strong authentication and fine-grained authorization technologies provide control over company intellectual property. The team behind the Onshape platform are able to react quickly to leverage new technologies and bring the latest defences to bear against emerging threats.

Onshape’s cloud technology partner, Amazon Web Services, has security standards tough enough to meet the needs of the CIA.

What does that mean? AWS goes to great lengths to protect your intellectual property. Data centers are housed in nondescript facilities with physical access strictly controlled at both the perimeter and building ingress points by armed guards utilizing video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means. AWS only provides data center access and information to employees and contractors who have a legitimate business need for such privileges. Authorized staff must pass two-factor authentication a minimum of two times to access data center floors and all visitors and contractors are required to present ID and are continually escorted by authorized staff.

You can dive further into the details of AWS cloud security here, but the takeaway is that their multiple layers of safeguards are far more than any one company could implement (or afford) on its own.

What you may not know is that in addition to the built-in security and peace of mind that Amazon Web Services provides, Onshape delivers its own extensive protections. This includes multiple security measures on the client-side that companies can use to protect access to data – and also in the backend systems to prevent security breaches and data loss.

Unfortunately, risks from external attacks (phishing scams, malware, ransomware) are on the rise for all businesses. To counter these always-evolving security threats, Onshape employs a dedicated security team whose sole job is to protect your data. Furthermore, Onshape’s agile development process and unique database architecture enable emerging security vulnerabilities to be addressed within hours instead of waiting months or years for software updates (as one would with other professional CAD vendors).

In this eBook, you’ll learn the most common reasons why companies lose their CAD files and how designing in a secure cloud workspace like Onshape can significantly reduce your risks. Because Onshape stores only one master copy of your work in the cloud, you always retain tight control over who can access your designs.

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